Equipment cleaning and Disinfection

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CE marked for use with medical devices, the Continu solution is a weekly treatment which is highly effective at removing biofilm, being independently proven to achieve 99.999% reduction in legionella to EN test standard 13623. The Continu product is applied in a 50:50 dilution so on a chair with a 1 litre bottle, the 5 litre container lasts for 10 weeks to deliver a very cost effective solution.

Being water based, Continu is also very gentle and non-corrosive so it does not cause damage to the bottles and pipes.

Product Code: USL-2005
Size: 5 Litre
Case Size: Individual
Pallet: 160

Step by Step guide

Equipment cleaning and Disinfection - DENTAL UNIT WATERLINE


The Continu Instrument and Ultrasonic Cleaner is a concentrated product that should be diluted at 20:1, so a 5 litre bottle makes 100 litres. It is used for cleaning instruments manually or in an ultrasonic bath prior to sterilisation using a formulation that does not damage equipment but is sufficiently powerful to remove debris very effectively. As an alcohol free product it supports the advice in HTM 01-05 that, “Alcohol has been shown to bind blood and protein to stainless steel. The use of alcohol with dental instruments should therefore be avoided.”

The Continu Instrument cleaner has been shown in tests to effectively remove protein from surfaces whereas some alcohol based alternatives are known to bind blood protein to stainless steel.

Product Code: USL-8003
Size: 5 Litre
Case Size: Individual
Pallet 160

Equipment cleaning and Disinfection - INSTRUMENT AND ULTRASONIC CLEANER

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