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Contemporary Endo courses are thoughtfully designed to give each participant the time and care needed to fully understand and applicate the latest advances in Advanced Endodontics. Course comprise of lectures, hands on coachng and one to one support you will finish the course with an improved knowledge to add to your practice.


Contemporary Endo are fast becoming one of the leaders in Endodontic training. Nuview have supported the courses with loupes and microscopes from the beginings. We not only provide tools for the courses but speak on the application of Microscopy and how magnification can enhance all aspects of your works. Small classes allow for direct hands on teaching allowing you to get the most out of every course.

We are now pleased to announce that courses are now open and up and running since having to take a break due to Covid regulations. Below are courses Nuview will attend with a link to the course website.

contemporary Endo History

Nuview Attended Courses

  • MODULE ONE- Advanced Restorative Endodontics- Bath, 10th-11th February 2022
  • MODULE TWO- Retreatment- Bath 31st March- 1st April 2022

Further courses for 2022 will be added soon.

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Contemporary Endo- Course

John Cowie and Luca Moranzoni

This project began for us back in 2015. Since then well over 1000 dentists have joined us and trained with us. One thing that hasn't changed are our core values.

PASSION - We love endo and we love endo education

INDEPENDENCE - We are free from company bias

INTEGRITY - We only teach what we do in OUR clinical practice

SMALL CLASS SIZES - A focus on the individual

AUTHENTICITY - Our courses have organically developed from years of trial and error

Contemporary Endo Luca John

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