Hand Cleaning and Disinfection

Fast, effective and long lasting Disinfection

Continu hand foam and hand soap is an alcohol free solution for cleaning and or disinfecting your hands as a disinfectant foam for use without water or as an anti-microbial soap for surgical scrubs and to clean hands between sessions. Our solution has the same hazard rating as water and has a pleasant neutral smell.

Our hand cleaning solutions are available in a variety of formats to fit all requirements and comes in a refill options for a cost effective, long lasting, long term solution


Our alcohol free hand foam does not cause dryness or irritation to skin. Ideal for use without water on visibly clean hands between patient treatments.

200ml USL-2050
600ml USL-2002
​5 Litre Refill USL-3905

Hand Cleaning and Disinfection - HAND FOAM


Our anti-microbial alcohol free hand soap does not cause dryness or irritate skin. Ideal for a surgical scrub to clean and disinfect hands between patients and procedures.

200ml USL-3250
600ml USL-3002
​5 Litre Refill USL-3905

Hand Cleaning and Disinfection - HAND SOAP


Our alcohol free hand foams and sanitisers are available in pouches for use within our automatic dispenser. Hands free operations for cleaning hands.

800ml Hand Foam Pouch USL-3800
800ml Hand Soap Pouch USL-4800
​Automatic Dispenser USL-DISP

Hand Cleaning and Disinfection- AUTOMATIC Dispensers

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