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Meet, Jade

Nuview are thrilled to be able to offer Jade within our range of high quality Products.

Surgically Clean Air’s Jade Air Purifier is a Medical Grade Air System that is one of the most advanced on the market. It is designed with premium in mind, in it’s beautiful contemporary styling on the outside, it’s sophisticated technology on the inside, and its airflow performance throughout.

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Nuview Loupe and Light Visor

In response to the new requirements for PPE, Nuview have designed and developed a Loupe and Light Visor system. Our system complies with the requirements of EN166:2001 whilst providing the space to accomodate almost any type of loupe, including prismatics with a "front" mounted light.

  • Superior optical quality visor
  • Fully tested and CE marked
  • Adjustable foam padded headband for maximum comfort


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Exhibitions & Course

Nuview present at the main dental shows each year where we showcase our range of products as well as aiding in many teaching events. Delivering lectures and demonstrations on the use of magnification in dentistry.

Due to current circumstances our usual courses and events are subject to last minute change. Keep an eye on our "Exhibitions & Course" page where we will update with the latest information.

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  • Dr Jonathan Cowie sought to improve the indoor air in his dental practice by investing in the JADE Air Purification System, available from Nuview.

    The JADE unit features an advanced Surgically Clean Air multi-stage filtration system that effectively cleans and purifies indoor air by eliminating contaminants. This includes dust particles, pollen, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), mould, allergens, viruses, odours and bio-aerosols.

    “As a practice, we felt that with the concerns around AGPs (aerosol generating procedures), having the JADE Air Purification System would provide a more secure environment for our team and patients,” says Dr Cowie. “We have contacts and colleagues based in north America, who have used this technology for years and recommend it unreservedly.

    “We invested in the JADE Air Purification System based on our confidence in its reliability, as well as its high air exchange ratings and low noise production. It looks great, occupies very little space in the room and is simple to install – just plug it in! The particle counter also offers reassurance to members of the team and patients alike.

    “In fact, we have received a lot of positive feedback about the JADE system, which has certainly increased patient confidence regarding AGPs. In the current situation, it is a useful adjunct to mitigate some of the risk of AGPs. Irrespective of this, however, we as a practice have not made this purchase purely for the here and now, but to commit to ensuring cleaner air in the practice – especially for the complex surgical procedures we undertake, including sinus lifts and bone grafts.”

    Commenting on the service he received from Nuview, Dr Cowie says: “As ever, Nuview excels in customer service and we recommend the team routinely. We have had the pleasure of purchasing microscopes from them and changing to their Continu range of dental practice infection control products. Their expertise is second-to-none and they have always backed that up with great aftersales support.

    “I would absolutely recommend Nuview and the JADE Air Purification System. It’s a system with a good track record, rather than a reactionary product that has been manufactured by many brands. Not only is it quiet, but its particle counter is also reassuring. In addition, the machine itself is unassuming and sophisticated, so it fits and sits well in the modern dental practice.”

    Dr Jon Cowie, Specialist in Endodontics, The Circus Dental

    Jade Testimonial

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