Carl Zeiss EyeMag II Illumination System

Lighting the way

When used alongside the Carl Zeiss EyeMag Pro F and EyeMag Pro S loupes, the EyeMag Light II delivers a clearly defined illumination field with coaxial lighting, resulting in minimal shadow formation. Its swing-in image filter also prevents the premature curing of composite materials, allowing you to see more without affecting your restorations.

The powerful lighting of the EyeMag Light II maximises illumination intensity for high detail recognition. Combined with high-quality ZEISS optics, the LED illumination provides a clear, unaltered view of tiny details and structures thanks to its close resemblance to daylight and even distribution of light.

EyeMag Light II Illumination (first)

Two powerful rechargeable battery packs can each be operated with full light intensity for approximately 4 hours. Both battery packs and a charging cradle are part of the standard delivery package and allow practically interruption-free work – 24 / 7. The compact, portable, and ergonomic design optimizes comfort for daily use across a wide range of procedures.

EyeMag Light II Illumination (second)

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