EyeMag Pro Medical Loupes


EyeMag Pro medical loupes from Carl Zeiss combine high-quality optics with a sophisticated design. Precision optics ensure clear visualization of anatomical micro-structures, thus enhancing treatment outcomes.

The result: increased efficiency and elevated levels of care. The large selection of working distances and magnification levels enable you to select the right loupes for your specific application needs. This product offering flexibility allows you to always work in an ergonomic and comfortable position, resulting in reduced fatigue and eyestrain.

In addition to their elegant and functional design, EyeMag loupes are intuitive and easy-to-use. The EyeMag product line was developed in close cooperation with dentists, ensuring a solution that is efficient, reliable, and comfortable for every day use.EyeMag Pro Dental Loupes.

EyeMag Pro is the right loupe system for users with higher magnification demands. It is available in a wide range of magnification levels and working distances, enabling you to select loupes tailored to your individual needs.

EyeMag Pro Medical Loupes

Carrier System Tailored to your individual needs

You can select the carrier system that fulfils your individual preferences. With the titanium frame, EyeMag Pro loupes offer a carrier system into which prescription lenses can be easily integrated. The soft nose bridge and adjustable headband enable a perfect, comfortable fit. Over longer wearing periods, the headband on the EyeMag Pro S loupes ensures outstanding weight distribution. The personal setting options on the EyeMag Pro F and EyeMag Pro S systems facilitate an ergonomically correct treatment position with every tilt angle.

Carrier System Tailored to your individual needs

Optical properties of ZEISS EyeMag Pro

The following fields of view are possible depending on the working distance and the desired magnification. These determine the selection of your individual medical loupes.

Working Distance (mm)300350400450500
Working Distance (inches)1214161820
Field of View (mm)5644715686681008111593
Optical properties of ZEISS EyeMag Pro

Product Features


  • Example Feature 1

    Working Distance

    Working Distance is everything. Too short a distance invites neck and back trouble; too long an uncomfortable stretch. This is why the Pro range offers a variety of working distances to suit every person.

  • Example Feature 2


    ZEISS medical loupes offering flexible adjustment:

    • Position the eyepieces in seconds with a single adjustment.
    • Fast adjustment to any desired viewing angle – even in extreme treatment positions.
    • Unobstructed vision and eye contact with your patients with a single adjustment.
  • Example Feature 3

    Illumination System

    The EyeMag Light II offers high detail recognition and thanks to the close resemblance to daylight and even distribution of light, the LED illumination system provides a sharp, unaltered view of minute structures and superb LED illumination.


  • Example Feature 4


    ZEISS EyeMag medical loupes permit you to always achieve a comfortable, ergonomically correct seated position, preventing back and neck pain while reducing fatique and eyestrain.


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