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Carl Zeiss EyeMag Smart Loupes

Easily recognising structures helps you improve the quality of your treatment. EyeMag Smart dental loupes from Carl Zeiss provide optimum image quality at 2.5X magnification. The compact design of the optical components as well as the versatile adjustment possibilities promote comfortable working conditions and intuitive operation. EyeMag Smart loupes are a reliable partner for your day-to day treatment.

The range of tilt and angle of declination settings make EyeMag Smart dental loupes particularly quick and intuitive to operate. The loupes can be adjusted to meet your treatment needs in a matter of seconds. You can position the distance of the eyepieces and change the tilt angle quickly and easily with a single adjustment. The flip up function facilitates unobstructed vision and eye contact with the patient, enabling you to concentrate on what is most important, the treatment of the patient.

The EyeMag Smart dental loupe is available with either a Lightweight Titanium Frame or Sports Frame.

Carl Zeiss EyeMag Smart Loupes (detail)

Carrier System Tailored to your Individual Needs

You can select the carrier system that fulfils your individual preferences. With the titanium frame, EyeMag Smart Loupes offer a carrier system into which prescription lenses can be easily integrated. The soft nose bridge and adjustable headband enable a perfect, comfortable fit. For a more aesthetic appeal, the Strator Sports frame ensures ultimate comfort and style. Also available as a high-quality laser protective loupe set. Combining advanced visualisation & laser safety requirements if EN 207.

All designs are compatible with EyeMag Light II LED illumination.

Carrier System Tailored to your Individual Needs (detail)

Optical properties of ZEISS EyeMag Smarts

The following fields of view are possible depending on the working distance and the desired magnification. These determine the selection of your individual medical loupes.

Working Distance (mm)300350400450550
Working Distance (inches)1214161822

Field of View (mm)



Optical properties of ZEISS EyeMag Smarts

Product Features

  • Work in Comfort

    Work in Comfort

    Customisable settings enable you to sit in an ergonomically correct and comfortable position
    The large selection of working distances permits an optimal treatment position
    Even weight distribution minimises fatigue during long periods of treatment

  • Example Feature 2


    ZEISS medical loupes offering flexible adjustment:

    • Position the eyepieces in seconds with a single adjustment.
    • Fast adjustment to any desired viewing angle – even in extreme treatment positions.
    • Unobstructed vision and eye contact with your patients with a single adjustment.
  • Example Feature 3

    Illumination System

    The EyeMag Light II offers high detail recognition and thanks to the close resemblance to daylight and even distribution of light, the LED illumination system provides a sharp, unaltered view of minute structures and superb LED illumination.


  • Working Distance (Smart)

    Working Distance

    Working Distance is everything. Too short a distance invites neck and back trouble; too long an uncomfortable stretch. This is why the Pro range offers a variety of working distances to suit every person.


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