Yirro Plus

Yirro-plus® self cleaning dental mirror system by use of controllable air flow.

* ultra-reflective mirror surface
* always a clear image
* autoclavable
* ergonomic comfort
* no maintenance

The system provides :-

Continuous clear sight The Yirro-plus® mirror surface is ultra-reflective and provided with a superior smooth multi-layered coating, repellent to grease and contamination. The adjustable air flow offers you a permanent clear sight.

Fixed position – The Yirro-plus® system is to be mounted at a comfortable location on your delivery unit by means of the universal adapter. In some cases it can be mounted directly into a spare slot. You can choose between the automatic switched PREMIUM system or the manually switched COMFORT system. Every start set is provided with 4 handles and 4 mirror heads in 2 different sizes. Sufficient to start working immediately, complying to hygienic Directives. Additional boxes with handles and mirrors are available.

Cleaning – Clean your Yirro-plus® mirror heads and handles before use by thermo-disinfection after which you can additionally sterilize in autoclave. Wearing due to cleaning/sterilisation process is minimized by use of a ‘cleaning box’ during the cleaning process and no-SPOT autoclave caps during sterilisation. The magnet coupling and the docking station are to be wiped clean after each treatment by use of disinfectant.

Yirro-plus PREMIUM Starter Set

2 handles and 2 mirrors.
Regulator with automatic magnet switch sensor / air coupling.
Docking station with universal docking / adapter docking for integration on spare slot.
Cleaning box for protected cleaning of 6 mirror heads.

4 no-SPOT autoclave caps.

Power/Air box + hose EN 9168.
Medical power supply EN 60601.
Air connection supply.

Yirro Plus - Yirro-plus PREMIUM Starter Set

Yirro-plus COMFORT Set

2 Handles & 2 Mirrors
Regulator with manual ON/OFF toggle-switch / air coupling.
Docking station with universal docking / adapter docking for integration on spare slot.
Cleaning box for protected cleaning of 6 mirror heads.

4 no-SPOT autoclave caps
Air connection supply and quick-coupling NW2 or poly Q.D. (2 types available)

Yirro Plus - Yirro-plus COMFORT Set


  • Yirro Plus - Feature 1

    Replacement Handles – 6pcs Per Pack

    Yirro-plus handles enable a perfect ergonomic grip due to their shape and light weight design.

    It is recommended the Yirro-plus handles are cleaned by either a thermo-disinfector or ultrasonic cleaning followed by autoclaving.

  • Yirro Plus - Feature 2

    Replacement Yirro-plus Mirrors – 6pcs Per Pack

    Yirro-plus® mirrors are extremely compact, the design offers greater visibility more space for your other instruments.

    The mirrors are to be disinfected by thermo-disinfection and can be sterilized by additional autoclaving.

  • Yirro Plus - Feature 3

    noSPOT Autoclave Caps – 6pcs Per Pack

    noSPOT Autoclave Caps have been designed to prevent the formation of solid spots on the Yirro-plus® mirror surface during autoclaving.

    The no-SPOT technology allows the mirror surface to remain accessible for steam during autoclaving but prevents the formation of droplets on the mirror surface, which increases the life span of the mirror.

  • Yirro Plus - Feature 4

    Yirro-plus Cleaning Box

    Yirro-plus Cleaning box, developed for protected cleaning of 6 mirror heads and suitable for thermo disinfection or for ultrasonic cleaning.


Yirro Product Sheet

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